Finished Leather

Products Overview

ARAMISK INTERNATIONAL is one of the leading suppliers of Finished Leathers to Footwear, Garments and Goods Industries. With a vision to be the “No: 1 supplier by delivering materials of competitive prices promptly” to all its customers.

Our main exporting countries are China, Hong kong, Taiwan, Europe and US countries.

As we have huge source of raw materials of leathers we are able to supply standard quality of leathers to our customers with at most satisfaction in terms of quality and with a competitive price.

We can supply finished leathers of Goat, Cow, Sheep and Buffalo leathers according to the needs of buyers. We make all type of Finishes Aniline, Semi-Aniline and Pigmented.

Goat: Lining, Metallic Linings, Milled, Suede, Heel Grip, Uppers, Nappa, Burnish, Softy and all other type of uppers.

Cow: Lining, Metallic Lining, Softy, Milled, Nappa, Burnish, Split Lining, Split Suede and all other type of uppers.

Sheep:Lining, Nappa, Two tone, Cabreta, and all other types of uppers.

Buff:Nappa, Milled, Burnish, Split articles and all other types of uppers