Since we had started our profession our only Goal is to become one of the Best Exporters of Finished leathers and Shoes and to achieve these feet, the only way is to concentrate on our quality. We have started to realise our Dreams after constant Hard work and proper follow up to ensure quality standard of our products which give us constant and repeated orders from our valued customers. We have been very well understood the quality requirements for International standard and following up regularly the testing requirements of our customers time to time and changing norms REACH and other requirements of the US/ European standards.


We have been working with Factories/ Tanneries for the last 15 Years on and have selected our suppliers carefully after proper inspection of manufacturing Units, workers knowledge, capacity, and quality standards, certifications and after making proper trial Shipments. We can supply any construction of Shoes from Goodyear Welt, Moccasin and cemented construction based on the requirement of our valued customers. We are manufacturing and outsourcing from AMBUR, RANIPET, CHENNAI ( SOUTH INDIA) NEW DELHI, AGRA, KANPUR ,( NORTH INDIA) MUMBAI AND PUNE( WEST INDIA ) AND KOLKATTA ( EAST INDIA) and this is Main leather and Footwear Manufacturing HUB of India. Once we understood the requirement of buyers, we will select our Suppliers very carefully based on the requirement of orders as we aware the standard of the supplier. We follow up orders from Samples and prototype approval, till delivery. Based on quantity and quality requirements we appoint Individual team to follow up with the presented orders and receive everyday production and follow up reports at stage to stage status and quality reports by end of the day.