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Your Trusted Sourcing Partner for Leather and Footwear

Discover the epitome of quality and craftsmanship at Aramisk International, your premier sourcing partner for a diverse range of leather and footwear products.

Our Offerings

Genuine Finished Leather

Explore a comprehensive collection of genuine finished leather sourced meticulously to meet the highest standards. Our range includes:

  • Goat Leather: Crafted for durability and style.
  • Cow Leather: A versatile choice for various applications.
  • Sheep Leather: Known for its softness and elegance.
  • Buff Leather: Sturdy and reliable for diverse purposes.

Full Shoes

Immerse yourself in the world of footwear with our extensive collection for:

  • Men: Stylish and comfortable designs for every occasion.
  • Women: Fashion-forward footwear that complements your style.
  • Children: Adorable and durable shoes for the little ones.

Shoe Uppers

Elevate your style with our exquisite range of shoe uppers, including:

  • Uppers: Classic designs for timeless elegance.
  • Woven Uppers: Intricate weaves that redefine sophistication.
  • Woven Matts: Textured patterns for a touch of uniqueness.
  • Mules: Effortlessly chic slip-on options.
  • Raffia Uppers: Nature-inspired creations for a trendy look.

Leather Goods

Complete your ensemble with our collection of leather goods, featuring:

  • Wallets: Functional and stylish solutions for your essentials.
  • Purses: Elegant companions for any occasion.
  • Belts: Define your style with our curated belt collection.
  • Handbags: Fashionable and functional additions to your wardrobe.

Leather Garments

Step into fashion with our comprehensive range of leather garments. From timeless classics to contemporary styles, we offer all types of leather garments to suit your preferences.

Why Choose Aramisk International?

  • Quality Assurance: We ensure that every product meets stringent quality standards.
  • Diverse Range:From genuine leather to full shoes and leather goods, we cater to all your needs.
  • Craftsmanship:Impeccable craftsmanship reflected in every detail.
  • Customization:Tailor our products to suit your unique preferences.

Partner with Aramisk International for an unparalleled sourcing experience that blends quality, variety, and reliability.

Contact us to embark on a journey of exceptional leather and footwear sourcing.